What does this technology means for us in a technological era vs those who still believe in the tested and proven things in the past?
The kindle has brought some very interesting combinations showing the advance of technology. Gone are the days when persons are unable to access information because it is too expensive or out of reach. On e of the way how this is possible all thanks to technology.
However kindle has brought along something more than just a device for calling, texting, access to all social sites, google, yahoo etc.
They have introduced a very important component E-books. I know many persons have objected due to the fact that you have writers who want to make a living from their skill which is writing but i think it's rather interesting to see a company coming up with the idea of having access to books which would have been out of the reach of many customers.
Remember there was and i think still exists where many cannot afford to purchase a hard copy because it is too expensive even high school text books are expensive not to mention college or university ones.
So i believe we should all embrace when technology is put to good use and for those who are writers they can try to convert their books to soft copy while keeping the hard copy and sell their work online just as how they do so in the stores.
Technology as taken over so much that most persons will spend half of their day online so to get their attention it is very important to use the same medium which attracts them to reach them in a positive way because there are some persons who hate reading so much that they will only listen  but when they are on the internet they tend to read updates on things as well as other interesting happenings.
Therefore this form of e-books used by kindle is worth giving a try so persons can be developed to be critical thinkers in a world where that is crucial to success in life.

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    December 2012